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G theoretically suitable for repeated booster shots. Furthermore, recent innovations inG theoretically suitable for repeated booster shots. Furthermore, recent innovations in plasmid host strain and vector engineering increased plasmid manufacturing quality and yield, transgene expression levels, transfection efficiency, for a safer and more effective gene platform [10,11] compared to first
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Tely 8 reported using the GSN app immediately after using alcohol or drugs. Over half reported recent binge drinking (59.32 ); over a third reported recent marijuana use (36.81 ); over a quarter reported using one or more illicit drug in the past month (26.44 ) or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs during their last sexual encounter (26.96 ). Additionally, over three-quarters of
Ial networks of GSN app-using MSM in relation to substance use. Similar to other samples of MSM in Los Angeles, rates of binge drinking, marijuana use and illicit substance use were high (Kipke et al., 2007a; Thiede et al., 2003), demonstrating the need for increased substance use/misuse prevention with MSM. Our first research question sought to identify the composition of the social networks of
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