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The shoulders are undoubtedly one of the muscle groups that attract the most attention, especially if you find yourself facing someone with the famous "3D shoulders". we invite you to continue reading the following article and learn Best shoulder exercise for strength and muscle.

Men have higher testosterone levels than women, so doing resistance exercises will help muscles grow faster in men. If you specifically choose the right exercises and do the right repetitions, you can achieve your goal of having bigger and firmer buttocks and thighs. Learn how to properly do squats, lunges and donkey kicks to build your buttocks and thighs effectively.

This exercise is well known in the world of weights , and it is no wonder since it is one of the best exercises for triceps that we can perform in our triceps routine . It is a very good exercise because it can be done in many different ways.

The muscles that we commonly call biceps are called biceps brachii and are made up of two parts or heads: long head and short head. Its main mission is to carry out arm mobility, specifically to produce elbow flexion.

How many fats should be eaten daily ? The amount of recommended daily fat depends on the caloric needs of each person. As a general guideline, the following table could be considered in which the maximum total fat that must not be exceeded is shown

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